The Original

It was instantly added energy to my card-creator strut – being chosen to create the wedding invitation original for Lars and Kristina Moi! I kept in mind that invitations are as much a preview, as they are the first impression. So pressure was on. It took a few startup designs before this  idea arrived:

It was a keeper! Later on, the event was so lavish with merriment, it underlined this theme all the more. And of course, congratulations to Kristina and Lars! In a day or so, the wedding pictures will be up on Daniel Usenko’s Photography blog,  so do take a glance if you wish.

Card Pictures by: Eleanor Petry


To Mom

An elegant country heart born in the bustling city of Magnitogorsk, Russia. Yet her surroundings were never “city” for too long. Seldom is there lack of trees and fields where she resides. Always her own garden.  So of course my cards to her are never a far cry from floral and ladylike – perfected to a gardener’s liking:

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with the notion that more posts are lined up for viewing soon!

Photos by: Eleanor Petry

Blue Moon

The way life goes: photographers rarely get their picture taken. Makeup artists hardly  get their makeup “done” (by someone else). Card creators seldom get handmade cards. Life goes on.

About once in a blue moon though, ( I can only speak for the card creators) a handmade something made by someone else, overlaps into their world. “For me? You made this?!” The sound of angels singing somewhere far away.

It was at a birthday party (three of us fused our parties into one)  and we each got our own handmade card. A memory like that is post worthy.

Card by: David Lomakin

Photo by: Eleanor Petry

Christmas In The Tropics

It is finally time for the card related whereabouts of my attention to be revealed.  Look at the title of this post. Now, don’t be bewildered,  ’cause the winter season is still ever present. (Snow is falling outside  in Marysville as we speak!)

So, without any shame of procrastination, I present: the  Christmas In The Tropics Series!

These beauties have proven to posses quite the crowd pleasing qualities! Something even their biggest critic (yours truly) cannot deny.

Eleanor Petry is the usual photographer suspect this week! Lots of thank-yous coming her way for helping out beyond  the expected cold hearted clicking of a camera button.

That’s all for now.

For A Little Dahling

Oh the immense savoring of a coming event when suddenly you get to play a part in its making! My friend Nancy Dahl sure knows how to flatter – she offered me the reigns on the decoration department  for her baby shower.  Immediately after accepting the position my mind hummed with the commotion of ideas! Nancys baby girl would get my best! Closer to the day of the event I decided on:

*Small pink bows out of crepe paper fastened with ribbon and infant sized paper hands cut from different paper designs, all on a string to be hung from the ceiling in a streamer fashion.

*A story in the form of a timeline of silhouettes strung in order to illustrate the beauty of watching a little girl grow up to become a gorgeous lady.

*Lastly (and this was Nancys  idea), I carefully laid out garments of infant  clothing around the seating area .

The combination of the ideas mentioned above,  gave off a look that was charmingly lovable, if I do say so myself.

Here’s proof that this isn’t just a sweet daydream of mine:

The sweet comments from the guests about the decorations made that day all the more sweet!

That’s it for now,  more posts coming soon!

In French

Hello, hello and happy first snow days of the year! It’s easy to romanticize this weather into exuding a jolly mood imperative for Christmas shopping.

This past weekend, I did some shopping myself, as well as attend a  party rich in mingling and dancing to celebrate the birthday of my dear, attractive friend, Nancy Dahl!

Obviously, I’m leading up to the card I made for the occasion, one which demanded to be made in a French theme. (When someone reminds me of something so much, it’s better to oblige to creative intuition or regret later.) I entrusted the photo taking to Eleanor Petry once again, therefore, I present this week’s masterpiece for your viewing enjoyment:

For something to look forward to, starting in mid December, I’ll begin revealing certain delectable items I’ve been working on. The title to this temporary secret is just as tantalizing:  Christmas in the Tropics.

Here’s to extraordinary Holidays, a bientot!

Cards For Friends

For a first blog post, this is the card I would choose – no exceptions! Why? It gives an enticing introduction to the atmosphere I want to portray in my blog. A card is most satisfactory when the creator is full of excitement and the receiver is flattered seeing themselves in it. So it is with this card that I made for a sensational friend of mine – Eleanor Petry! And the shots look so alluring being that they are captured by none other than Eleanor herself. Listen to “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae.